Unleash the power of digital collaboration with Building Information Modeling

Building Information Modeling — BIM

Building Information Modeling - BIM is a 3D model based process that improves collaboration and gives architects, engineers and construction professionals more controll over projects of all sizes and at all times during the building's lifecycle. We help our customers develop highly detailed and data driven BIM models for all parts of their projects. Our speciality lies in providing BIM services for projects with highly intricate and complex geometry with large amounts of building data. Besides the 3D geometry, our BIM models carry all relevant data of the construction project, down to the smallest building parts. It helps us and our partners to automate processes, eliminate errors, reduce cycle time and reduce costly changes. Our BIM models are universal and compatible with most common BIM applications.

More than 3D Models

A BIM model is much more than a three dimensional representation of a building. The 3D geometry carries useful data that helps design, construct and maintain the building. We utilize the BIM process to its full potential: our BIM models contain all necessary data, specific to the project and each individual building part.

Managing Complexity

With parametric models and our custom computational tools it is possible to combine highly complex 3D geometry and its associated building data to create BIM models that our clients and planning partners can use for communication, examination, documentation and further processing.


Our BIM models are universal!
Our customized workflows bring highly complex BIM models into your favourite BIM application. We use parametric modelling tools to create precise 3D models and associate them with the appropriate building data. Our models are stored in the IFC (Industry Foundation Classes) format, which can be opened in all major BIM applications including Revit, Tekla, Navisworks, Vectorworks, Bentley Systems, ArchiCad etc. Upon request we can also develop native BIM models for many software packages.

Parametric Models and Freeform Shapes

Our parametric models and freeform surfaces can be converted into a BIM file format and accessed with various BIM applications and viewers.

Your BIM Models in the Cloud

Your projects can be hosted in the cloud and shared with collaborators across the world for an even deeper digital collaboration. Upon entering the correct password, the user with a valid link can exhamine the models in a web browser, without the need to install any software.