3D CAD Design

Omnirie employs state of the art 3D CAD (Computer Aided Design) Modeling techniques for all stages of a project's design development. Our projects are created, modified, analyzed, evaluated and optimized completely in virtual 3D space. Taking projects from 2D to 3D space brings numerous advantages. 3D CAD helps us to be more productive, to improve quality of design, to foresee potential problems and prevent them from occurring. In 3D we can create highly accurate and comprehensive CAD Models which are a reliable basis for the evaluation of the visual and technical quality of our designs. Besides providing the framework for the creation of reliable 3D Models 3D CAD Design significantly improves our communication capabilities, it allows a fast exchange of 3D Data in all common file types including .dwg, .dxf, .stl, .3dm etc.

Area analysis of parametric stadium facade. The area of the quad faces are analysed and displayed in shades of blue.


The analysis of various features of existing 3D Models constantly informs our design decisions. By analyzing models we can recognize the advantages of one solution to a problem over another and find unexplored potential for optimization in the design. Through a methodical analysis we are able to ensure the highest grade of quality and reliability in our 3D Models.

Parametric model of a freeform tower facade. The development steps in the parametric design proces of a skyscraper using digital CAD tools.

Parametric Design

A parametric workflow allows us to make rapid adjustments to a model, even at later stages in the planning process. A parametric model is built upon parameters and relationships between parameters which inform the design of an object. The parametric model can be integrated with services such as plan automatization, which makes it possible to quickly propagate changes in the general design of an building all the way to the technical drawings and machine code which are necessary to fabricate the building parts and assemble them.

The geometry and panelization of a freeform surface iz optimized with the goal of improving smoothness and reducing construction cost.

Geometry Optimization

Geometry optimization is the process of improving a design with the goal to reduce construction cost while maintaining the same visual appeal and design intend of the structure. Through optimization we strive to make the fabrication and assembly of all building parts simpler. By minimizing the amount of unique parts such as facade panels we reduce the overall cost end effort of construction. A purely visual geometric optimization aims to improve the visual appeal of the design while maintaining all other parameters.

Smooth freeform surface with class a transitions using 3d cad modelling techniques from the automotive industry.

Class A Surfacing

The form and aesthetics of all visual surfaces of a building or building part is given special consideration at Omnirie. Using modeling techniques from the automotive industry, we create perfectly smooth surfaces with Class A surface transitions wherever necessary. Class A surfacing guarantees the highest possible quality in the visible surfaces of a building with perfectly smooth reflections, free from any inconsistencies due to an uneven surface.

3d cad modell of a parametric tower showing the quantities in its different layers, from core structure over the steel structure to the aluminium and glass facade

Estimation of Quantities

Using parametric 3D models we can estimate the quantities of the various materials that are used in your design with high precision, creating a reliable basis for your tendering process. Since our 3D models are parametric, all changes to the design propagate automatically to the estimation of quantities.

Two solutions for the rationalization of a freeform surface made with omnirie's valence engine

Value Engineering

Evaluating different proposals and solutions at an early stage of the project can save time and money in the long run. Omnirie achieves that goal through agile development of multiple solutions for a problem with different input parameters and conditions. We can then evaluate the solutions with regard to chosen criteria and help our clients to choose the best of the available alternatives. This service is especially useful in the tender stage where the most improvements to a design can be made.

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