Introducing the Valence Engine™

Designing unconventional, geometrically complex architectural structures brings many challenges with it. Our projects are often one of a kind structures and require finding individual design solutions. They can consist of single or double curved (freeform) surfaces which need to be subdivided into panels in order to become buildable. The number of unique parts such as panels, beams, collumns etc. in such structures can be in the thousands. Creating design documentation for all those parts is a challenge that can push conventional CAD software to its limits. Many projects require custom software solutions in order to be made feasible. To pick up where the application of conventional CAD software stops and push the boundaries of the possible further at the same time, we have developed the Valence Engine. The Valence Engine is our proprietary software engine. It contains a wide variety of analysis, optimization and automatization tools for working with complex 3D models. Besides providing these basic features the Valence Engine serves as a reliable backbone for all project specific software solutions developed at Omnirie.

Screenshot of the Omnirie Valence Engine, showing its capabilities for analysing complex freeform geometries and creating geometric reports

Analysis and Reports

The Valence Engine allows us to quickly analyse geometric shapes and to display the data in beautiful reports. It provides built in tools for determining parameters such as panel types and areas, seam length, beam length and weight, etc. By being able to quickly analyse a design we can make informed price estimations and look for improvements. Our analysis tools help us in providing our clients support in the tender stage of a project.

Omnirie Valence Engine displays an analysis report of panel orientation in a freeform surface, rationalized with a triangular panelization

Software Engine

Besides containing tools for analysing and optimizing geometric shapes, the Valence Engine is a central part of our in house software. It is created to be flexible, extendable and updatable. We use it as a basis when developing project specific software. By utilising a stable software engine we can develop custom solutions for our projects quicker and with the highest reliability.

Omnirie Valence Engine runs on top of the 3d CAD software Rhinoceros 3d.

Integration with Rhino 3D

The Valence Engine is fully integrated with Rhinoceros 3D, which allows us to benefit from Rhino's superb NURBS modelling capabilities. The integration with Rhino makes it possible to develop scripts which access both Rhino's native functionality as well as the core libraries of Valence Engine.

Data Management

Complex architectural structures come with a lot of data attached to them. Omnirie makes sure that tha enormous amounts of data are managed properly and that our customers are always on top of things. The Valence Engine has built in features for handling geometric data, which can be exported and reviewed at any time in the project.

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