Contemporary complex architecture has long moved on from modular construction and replaced it with systems of many similar but unique elements. For us, thorough planning of the production and assembly of a building is equally important as developing the perfect design. Through services such as plan automation and CNC file preparation Omnirie works with its customers to find the perfect fabrication strategy for every project. We strive to optimize the manufacturing process by creating a reliable link between design and execution for our clients with the goal to reduce fabrication time and minimize waste. If you wish to know how we can help you click the button below.

Plan Automation

Complex architectural structures with their many unique building parts can often represent a challenge to the design schedule. Omnirie accelerates the planning process by programming a link between the 3D Models and the 2D documentation. For each project we develop a custom software solution which creates the necessary 2D plans automatically based on underlying 3D models. Because our software is directly linked to the 3D models it is possible to propagate changes in the 3D models to all 2D drawings many times faster than it would be possible with traditional methods. By automating the process of creating drawings we save our clients countless hours of manual work and help them finish the planning of their projects ahead of schedule.

File Preparation

Omnirie works with manufacturers to find the best way for the preparation of files for CNC machining. Based on our parametric model we can create production quality CAD files for each individual building part in an automated and streamlined way, according to the manufacturer's specification.

Installation Sequence Planning (ISP)

Together with our clients we develop strategies for the most efficient installation sequence for any building part, taking into account the timing, the customer's goals as well as production and supply chain management issues. Installation Sequence Planning (ISP) is a service which synergizes with our other 3D Design and automation services making it possible for us to ensure a smooth transition between planning and execution.