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Omnirie is an independent consulting office working in the field of geometrically complex architectural construction and freeform architecture. We help our customers Design, Visualize and Fabricate buildings of high formal and functional complexity. We support investors, architects, construction companies and manufacturers in planning and delivering their projects with our services which range from 3D parametric CAD design over rendering and visualization to CNC fabrication assistance. By developing custom software solutions for each project, we can create 3D models, 2D plans and digital fabrication files for thousands of building parts at once and save our clients countless design hours. Our parametric workflow makes it possible to quickly incorporate changes into the design and update the documentation at any point in the design process. Our goal is to create designs of the highest quality and make it possible for our clients to realize their visions securely, efficiently and on time.

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As a consulting and planning office we always strive to develop the best solutions for our customer's needs.
Our services are divided into three core categories:
3D CAD Design
BIM and
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Parametric model of a stadium facade shown inside a CAD software on computer screen.

3D CAD Design

3D CAD Design lies at the core of our business services. We use state of the art technology to create accurate and comprehensive 3D models from which we can extract all necessary data for the fabrication and construction.
Our design services include Class A Surfacing, Analysis, Parametric Design, Optimization, Value Engineering etc.

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Closeup visualization of a steel and glass structure


3D Visualizations are the best way to communicate a design idea with other people, especially laymen who are not trained to understand complicated technical documentation. Our wide offer of visualization services ranging from conceptual to photorealistic will help you get your point across.

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Omnirie's BIM process'.


Building Information Modelling

Unleash the power of digital collaboration with Building Information Modeling. Our speciallity lies in providing BIM services for projects with highly intricate and complex geometry with large ammounts of building data

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Through services such as plan automation and the file preparation for CNC machining Omnirie creates an invaluable link between the 3D model and the finished structure, making sure that all parts are fabricated on time and fit perfectly together at the construction site.

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Data Protection

At Omnirie, the security of your data is our highest priority. Upon your request we can create regular backups that are encrypted using 256-bit Advanced Encryption Standard (AES). Your data is private and is never shared with any third party, unless you ask us to. For transferring your files to you we use SSL/TTS file transfer protected by 128-bit or higher AES encryption.

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Customer Journey

A dedicated project manager provides a single point of contact for the customer and maintains regular contact with them throughout the duration of the project.

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The world is a fast moving and ever changing place. Omnirie is with you wherever your next challenging project happens to be located. From our offices in Sweden we provide our consulting services worldwide.

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Fast Response

Customer satisfaction has the highest priority at Omnirie. We strive to always respond to your requests immediately and keep you up to date about our progress on your project at all times.

Valence Engine

Designing geometrically complex architectural structures creates challenges that can push conventional CAD software to its limits. Most of our projects require custom software solutions in order to be made feasible. To pick up where the application of conventional CAD software stops and push the boundaries of the possible further at the same time, we have developed the Valence Engine. The Valence Engine contains a wide variety of tools for working with complex 3D models while serving as a backbone for all project specific software solutions developed at Omnirie.
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